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Family and locally owned and operated Carlton Veterinary Hospital offers over 35 years

of experience. We are committed to provide quality and compassionate care for dogs, cats, and horses in Yamhill County.


Dental Digital Radiography

Dental radiographs (X-rays) are essential in making an accurate dental diagnosis.

The diagnosis is the basis for understanding the prognosis, and in deciding how to treat our patients.


Dental radiographs are essential in performing dental procedures, in evaluating procedural success and in the documentation of dental and oral health.


We provide a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment for pets when the teeth are cleaned.


Dental X-rays with periodontal probing help with the assessment. It makes no sense to place an animal under anesthesia to clean their teeth and miss an important problem.


Without dental X-rays, we could most likely miss hidden problems that need attention.


Two-thirds of our patient's teeth are under the gingiva (gums) and are not viewable. Dental radiographs help in the assessment. They allow assessment of the teeth, the surrounding soft tissues, the joints and of the bone.


Dental radiographs can reveal subgingival (under the gums) foreign objects, cysts, and tumors. Studies have shown that without dental radiographs, significant pathology is missed in up to 75% of pets.


Digital Radiography

The image quality of digital radiographs is superior to conventional radiographs, which allows diagnosis of subtle tissue abnormalities and better interpretation of results.


Digital radiographs allow computerized alterations in technique depending on the tissue

of interest (bone vs. soft tissue) without taking multiple films.


Images are viewed on a workstation and can be magnified, rotated, and adjusted for brightness and contrast for added detail.


Laser Therapy

A relatively new branch of medicine, the Class IV laser delivers a large amount of light energy into the pet's body. When the light interacts with damaged cells, healing is accelerated and pain is dramatically reduced.


As our best friends age, recover from trauma or surgery, or simply need relief from everyday aches and pains, this advanced technology offers drug-free, surgery-free,

pain-free relief.



Ultrasonography is the perfect complement to radiographs in helping our doctors,

manage heart disease, diagnose bladder pathology, obtain non-surgical biopsy samples, locate abdominal tumors, metastasis, and much more.


The imaging of soft tissue is remarkable with our digital ultrasound machine and the visualization of organ architecture provides important information to your pet's doctor.

A modern veterinary ultrasound provides a painless, non-invasive approach in helping

our doctors obtain a diagnosis for your pet.


Soft Tissue Surgery

Carlton Veterinary Hospital is a well-equipped small animal surgical hospital. We use the most modern equipment and techniques in our surgeries. Only the finest anesthetics are used to ensure the safety of your pet.


While under anesthesia, we monitor your pet's health status with the same type of equipment found in a human hospital. Our doctors routinely perform the following types of surgeries:

Quality Small Animal services from Carlton Veterinary Hospital

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Committed to providing quality and compassionate care for your pets

  • Oral / dental evaluations

  • Dental cleaning and polishing

  • Oravet protectant sealant

  • Extractions / fracture repair

  • Educational demonstrations on teeth brushing and Oravet application and other methods to ensure healthy teeth and gums


Our lab is capable of performing complete blood counts, blood chemistries, electrolytes and fecal egg counts, many of our bacterial cultures are plated in our laboratory and monitored for growth.


The blood analysis results are generally available within a few hours to as quick as several minutes.



Our staff is kept up to date on the newest advances in pharmaceuticals because of the close relationship we maintain with industry representatives.


In addition to supplying our hospital and ambulatory service, the pharmacy provides clients with medications, provided there is a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship.

  • Spays and neuters

  • Laceration repairs

  • Tumor removals

  • Abdominal surgeries

  • Eye/Ear surgery

  • Declawing

  • Internal medicine

Diagnostic work-ups of medical conditions for your dog, cat or horse.

Our veterinarians have access to VIN (Veterinary Information Network) and all of its board certified consultants.



Oral health increases your pet's well-being and adds years to their lives. Our dental services include:

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